St. Joseph Catholic Church


 Listen and hear why negotiating life is not an option.

Snacks and refreshments provided.
Donations will be taken during the event. Checks can be made out to Catholic Pro-Life Committee

Abortion, Euthanasia, Embryonic Stem Cell Research, Human Cloning,

Generally regarded as normal or acceptable by our culture in general, these are considered non-negotiable by our Catholic faith. But do we really know why? Are we afraid to swim against the current of our culture and stand for the dignity of the human person which our culture regards as disposable? Come find out why our faith stands so strongly opposed to killing the smallest and weakest of us.

Together Jan and Sheree will share what is so fundamentally wrong with each of these practices and why the Catholic church is so logical in its position.

A graduate of SMU, Jan Storey received both a law degree and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Communications.  Involved in many Pro-Life committees and ministries, she has done everything from crisis pregnancy counseling, public speaking, and praying outside abortion clinics.  Jan and her husband, Harry, are the proud parents of five children.

With a substantial engineering education and background, Sheree worked at Raytheon Corporation for over 30 years. She has been invited to speak both nationally and internationally,  to youth and adult groups alike, including the United Nations and world conferences. Sheree has authored a book entitled Because We Love Them: Fostering a Christian Sexuality in Our Children, published by Ave Maria Press.