St. Joseph Catholic Church

Survey Results

2016 Parish Survey Results


Our 2016 Parish Survey Results are available below. The survey was conducted in May with over 1,500 surveys completed. The Pastoral Council conducted an in-depth analysis of the survey responses over the summer.


Survey results reports posted include a narrative summary report, comments reports, and a numerical data results report. The survey results will help guide our new Parish Strategic Plan being developed by our Pastoral Council. 


Comments or suggestions related to survey results and other parish topics can be submitted to this email address:


NOTE: Click the report title link to open the report document.

Parish Survey Narrative Summary Results Report

Report contains the following information:

  • Narrative Summary Report Overview
  • Executive Summary
  • Narrative Summary Report
  • Appendix A: Parish Demographic Survey Results
  • Appendix B: Strengths derived from survey
  • Appendix C: Challenge Areas / Actions to Consider & Planned Actions

Parish Survey Data Results Report

Report contains the following information:

  • Detailed numerical survey results

Parish Survey Comments Reports

Report contains parishioners views on a range of topics:


NOTE: Three of the 13 Survey Focus Area Categories (Category 8 Communication, Category 12 Disabilities and Category 13 Nursery) do not have a separate Comments report. Any comments related to those categories were incorporated where appropriate in other Comment Reports or survey results reports.

Parish Leadership Survey
Our Parish Leadership Survey was conducted in September 2016. Parish leaders (paid staff and volunteer) asked to participate in the survey included: Parish Staff Directors, Ministry and Organization leaders (those with director, president or equivalent top leader titles), as well as all members of the Pastoral Council, Finance Council, Stewardship Committee and School Advisory Council). A total of 76 of 117 leaders completed survey.
Results of both the 2016 general Parish Survey and Parish Leadership Survey will be used by the Pastoral Council to develop the new Parish Strategic Plan. The plan is scheduled to be presented to the parish in the first quarter of 2017 in a Parish Town Hall and will be posted to the parish website.