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Vision Statement, Mission Statement and Strategic Plan

Our Parish Strategic Plan, guided by the Holy Trinity and our patron, St. Joseph, outlines the means through which we will put into action the Vision, Mission and Core Values of St. Joseph Parish.

Parish Vision Statement

To be a people united in one heart and mind with Jesus Christ.

Parish Mission Statement

Inspired by our patron, St. Joseph, we are united as a community of disciples of Jesus Christ. We proclaim our Roman Catholic Faith through our commitment to evangelize within our parish and beyond as we worship, study, and serve.

Parish Core Values

These Core Values are the guiding principles and/or behaviors that embody our parish and describe how we will achieve Our Vision and Our Mission.

The Core Values of St. Joseph Parish are expressed in our commitment to Evangelize, Worship, Study, Serve. We Evangelize inside and outside our parish. We Worship as a community where the Eucharist is life-giving. Our Study is ongoing. We Serve each other fostering a community of faith. These Core Values are rooted in our Roman Catholic Faith and function together to ensure the future growth and vitality of our parish. Like Jesus’ teachings, these values must be present and enacted in our daily lives. We must help support one another and share our joy in living out these values each day with our community.

Parish Strategic Plan Overview

NOTE: The Parish Strategic Plan was presented to St. Joseph parishioners at a special Parish Town Hall Meeting on Sunday, March 19, 2017.

The Parish Strategic Plan offers a vision and guidance for where we want to go, and a plan for accomplishing that vision.

It is not intended to be a comprehensive outline of all parish activity, which would be impossible given the active and robust parish community that we have.

Our Parish Strategic Plan document is intended to be a working document that can be updated periodically and will remain fluid as parish needs and wishes change.

All parishioners are invited to join in the efforts it will take to support our parish ministries and organizations to implement our Parish Strategic Plan.

Our Parish Strategic Plan will be reviewed annually by the Pastoral Council. The next annual review of the Plan will occur in the 2018-2019 time frame.

The Pastoral Council is always open to comments and support from our parishioners that will help guide our parish.

Comments or suggestions related to the Parish Strategic Plan and other parish topics can be submitted to this email address:

Click Here or the PDF below to open the strategic plan document.