St. Joseph Catholic Church

Finance Council


Contact: Anna May Brendel (972) 231-2951

The Finance Council is the consultative group that assists the pastor in carrying out the common burden of the material administration of the parish. It has the obligation of planning and supervising the financial affairs and physical properties of the parish. The finance council is concerned with parish resources, the budget, Church support, and the effective utilization and maintenance of the parish plan.

Membership: Individuals with experience in finance, banking, accounting, etc. are appointed by the pastor and serve a three-year term, which may be extended.

Meetings: Second Tuesday of each month.
Current Finance Council Members as of July 1, 2017
  • CHAIR:  Peter Godwin--Sales(Retired) -
  • Bill Ackerman—Risk Consultant
  • Marsha Emmett—Financial Planner
  • Rick Crosland—Marketing (Retired)
  • Gloria Sandoval – Banking (Retired)
  • Daniel Denoy—Manager (Retired)
  • Carole Wilson--Statistician