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Serving God and his people comes in many forms.  In general serving requires us to give of our time, talent and treasure.


Time is a precious commodity.  It is something none of us have control over and none of us, once using it, can get back or store away for the future.  It is no doubt the most precious commodity you have to share.  One way to express your care and love of others is by giving a gift of time to any of our many ministries.


God gave us all a gift. That gift is not earned nor deserved and yet we get that gift anyway. We are all gifts and we have gifts. Some of us can teach, some of us can organize grand social gatherings, some of has have musical talent, some of us have a gift to minister, or read in public, or to do maintenance, or writing, or greeting, or caring for the poor, or simply listening to those who need to be listened to. God has given you a gift, and that gift needs to be shared. That’s our calling. To love others and God so much that we are willing to share anything with Him and others.


This parish and all of it's facilities and services need your financial support. It is only through our parishioners we are able to keep the doors of this community wide open. Consider a gift, onetime or recurring. Your gift can be given today by clicking here!